Why do we specialize on Labor Law?

Let the experts with real experiences serve you

We have a simple philosophy for our labor law consultation service:

We cover one specific aspect of law only, and we cover the cases as if they were our own.

We have the right attorneys in the right places at the right times, prepared to do the job right. We do not overbook, and while we can and do handle volume, we never sacrifice quality. There are several things that make this possible. All our attorneys are experienced in the types of cases we cover and are experienced doing the works.

As for retainers, we review assignments when they come in, and if we do not have enough information to cover the matter well, we call and get it. If we have a result with a short adjournment, or some special directive from the Court, we call or email you the same day. In any event, we promptly report all results, primarily via email. We also know that attorneys do not want to “call around” for coverage. If a matter is something we cover, we are going to say Yes, and we are going to cover it right, at a competitive rate.

As for ILLC app premium members, we have prepared the Team to answer any question arising from our Clients regarding labor laws and relevant issues. It is possible because the Team has particular strengths in several practices areas – thanks to highly-diversified expertise backgrounds, that enhances our ability to assist clients with various business activities by delivering solution-oriented answers. These areas include, among others:

  • Providing legal assistance in labor, employment and immigration
  • Representing a company or worker/employee in case of labor conflict or industrial relation dispute settlement, in or out side of Industrial Relation Court, including in the process of intermediary, mediatory and conciliatory
  • Providing legal assistance in the area of corporate and commercial law, banking and finance, domestic and foreign investment, capital market and securities, merger and acquisition, land and property, intellectual property right, and litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution.
  • Exercising seminar, workshop, education and training, research and publication and dissemination of labor and man-power law and regulation, particularly in the area of labor and industrial relation
  • Providing legal assistance to Indonesian workers (TKI) and expatriates as well as services of man power supply both in and out side Indonesia.


Want to know more how we can serve you? Please feel free to contact us.


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