Keeping Service Excellence at Lower Price

Shortcut your massive-load social media communication in a single app

The realm of current legal field

When you consider that we live in an instant gratification society where technological advances are only outpaced by expectations, it should come as no surprise that law firms face unrelenting pressure from clients to provide higher quality service at a lower cost in a fraction of the time.

We consider this.

Therefore, after deciding some of our resources to participate in technology advance more thoroughly, we really mean it as you may check our mobile app as an answer to the question “What’s Next in Chat App?”

What matters most is that we stick to our commitment in providing the same standard of service excellence with new price, lower price.

How does it works

For Clients seeking a retainer arrangement, the fees are in the range of $2,500 to $5,000 per month depending on the scale of the company activities, payable for a three month basis in advance or such amount agreed with the Client. The scope of legal service shall be for consultation and written legal opinion for a maximum of 25, effective hour per month, in excess of 25 hours, we will charge the Client for additional fees based on the hours used to completing the relevant works.

That is how we practice in daily basis.

So here comes the novelty.

If you are willing to check our competence as we promise in every talk with any new retainer, now you can have it by paying at cheaper cost. What cost? Just click the image posted in this article as it has briefly explain all the details.


Do you feel urged?

We do hope that by delivering any service, the ultimate result will be #PeaceOfMind in your side, no more or less. So, please feel free to sit relaxed in your comfort desk and just assign any of your Legal or HR Department to arrange a meeting with us or simply register for a free trial by contacting our Marketing.

Welcome to the new era of labor law consultation era.

In any case, you can sip your coffee and gaze the app at your Android or Apple phone.

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