What Is Next in Chat App?

Trend: More and more specific.

Any social media is also a chat app.

You can go look into any website that provides statistics of the user engagement on each chat app like Statista did about 2017’s social media in a nutshell. As social media try to do any possible thing to satisfy its user, in which user can discuss almost about anything from diapers into politics, the ecosystem now seems stable. By “stable”, I mean that the giant ones are battling each other and some growing platforms are trying to fixing things to have some place on the very same ecosystem. That is the current situation, it is always the same.

If you want to see and create the “next”, it should be a “next significant move”. You can either create a new ecosystem or just infiltrate into an existing one that has not captured by any single chatting app. Steps to create will take you on a very-very long journey, like an evolution. Instead, you can make one of yours by simply developing a chat app for a specific topic and customer orientation, like a revolution.

An Example: ILLC

ILLC (Indonesian Labor Law Consultation) is a chat-based personal labor law consultation. Below is the rationale why the company behind the app decides to revolutionize its consultation.

As an HR and Legal Service practitioner, have you ever wondered why being legally responsible can be so difficult when it comes to manage any company legal papers of employees on daily basis? Maybe it’s because most labor law consultations are too complicated and overwhelming for the average user.

ILLC, a new personal labor law consultation app is fixing this by giving users personalized labor law advice via a simple chat interface. As soon as you open the app for the first time, ILLC starts talking to you, almost as if you were just texting your personal lawyer. After your account is tied to the app, you can talk to ILLC and ask her any question or problem you would like to have solution of. ILLC also will push out information to you, doing things like reminding users on latest updates of Indonesian labor law issues and how to deal with it.

As a chat-based consultation, ILLC does provide you type request on further necessary proper legal steps you need in a specific case. The Law Firm behind this app hopes that ILLC offers various different potential conversations, with multiple options for progressing through each one. The first in its class on national scale, this Indonesian-made app wants to help you find your Peace of Mind. It is truly a labor law consultation in an app, as easy as a snap.


For a closer look at ILLC, download ILLC from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Originally written in Quora

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